Sunday, January 20, 2013

New Year, new drawings

Eye of Providence detail

2013 has been off to a hectic start-- apartment hunting, job hunting, applying for grad school-- but I have been trying to find time daily to draw. Most of the time, the drawings are crap. Practicing everyday though has helped me generate new ideas and produce a few usable drawings.

Paul Revere drawing
Call to Arms

I've been working on a series of drawings, which mash together American history and occult imagery. Growing up in Massachusetts, I noticed that New Englanders take colonial history quite seriously. The war is retold as a romantic epic, a cinematic underdog story. Humble townspeople band together to fight for freedom against the wealthy villain. Lexington and Concord, the Boston Tea Party, the Crossing of the Delaware are retold not as factual events as mythologies with fate and heroes. I wanted to use occult and religious imagery to poke fun at the sacredness imbued upon our national history.

Also, I wanted to draw Revolutionary soldier Siamese twin centaurs connected by the butt.

Revolutionary soldier centaur Siamese twins!!

Living outside the US has given me another perspective on American patriotism. It's a strange and fascinating thing. Americans are emotional about their country. We're supposed to feel this deep, sacred love for our nation. For example, to not "support the troops", regardless of your individual political beliefs, is a form of sacrilege, a violation of a fundamental more. Patriotism in the US takes on a unique religious quality. It's our own brand of mythology.

I plan on developing these drawings into a screenprinted series. Watch this space.

Coronation detail

In other news, I drew a goat.

Decorative goat plaque

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Harvest Workroom

Harvest Workroom Harvest Workroom

After weeks of meaning to do so, I finally visited Harvest Workroom last weekend for their year-end party. The East Brunswick screenprinting studio is home to colorful, sustainable Harvest Textiles and hosts artists-in-residence. I was able to get a few photos of the wares being sold by previous artists-in-residence and talented Melbourne makers.

Harvest Textiles
Harvest Textiles

Maryann Talia Pau at Harvest Workroom
Maryann Talia Pau describes her incredible work as "Pacific bling." How good is that?

Beci Orpin at Harvest Workroom
I love the mix of patterns on Stampel's jewelry hanger. I had mistakenly credited this image to Beci Orpin, who you should still check out. Also, check out her work for Built by Wendy-- so awesome. It reminds me of Dan Funderburgh.

Emily Green at Harvest Workroom

Emily Green at Harvest Workroom
Emily Green is a boss with color, and I don't use outdated slang lightly. Her watercolor print scarf is super dreamy.

Monolog at Harvest Workroom
Really, how insane is the detail on these pieces by Monolog? Designer Indie Calan had to stop producing those knit ropes (below) because of the damage they were causing to her hands. That is serious dedication.
Monolog at Harvest Workroom

Abby Seymour at Harvest Workroom Abby Seymour at Harvest Workroom Abby Seymour at Harvest Workroom
I want to draw like Abby Seymour. Her linework is amazing. End of story.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

The Big Design Market

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

The Big Design Market transformed the Royal Exhibition Building last weekend into a small city of independent designers and artistic types. The talent and typography were out of control.

Big Design Market

Big Design Market

Seriously, how gorgeous is this building?

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

Royal Exhibition Building, Melbourne

I wanted to scoop some of the inventiveness out of the air and stuff it into my brain. This market was incredibly inspiring-- the stalls that I have photographed are only a (pretty genius) fraction of what was there.

These customizable chairs by Zaishu are SO SMART. They have printed a selection of patterned, interlocking pieces for you to create your own unique chair. So cool!

Such Great Heights
Such Great Heights, please produce adult-sized tents. I'm not joking. Also, that fabric is disgustingly beautiful. I'm dying of talent envy.
Such Great Heights

Two Layers of Cells
Lightboxes printed with photos and set in vintage metal drawers by Two Layers of Cells. The photography on the lightboxes below is by Lisa White. The photos are of transitional spaces, often showing the character of age. They're empty and industrial, but somehow still feel warm. I think they're a perfect match for Two Layers of Cells' lightboxes, don't you?
Two Layers of Cells

Harvest Haversack Harvest Haversack
Handdrawn type printed on farmer's market bags by Harvest Haversack. The type on the fresh herbs bag is too fucking good. The stall also thoughtfully featured a guide of how many vegetables each bag fits.

Sunday Morning Designs
Fantastical drawings from Sunday Morning Designs, screenprinted onto pillows and digitally printed into what looks like a super fun coloring book.
Sunday Morning Designs

Adriana Christianson
I'm loving the 70s vibe of Adriana Christianson's ceramic work.

KSJ Designs
I was immediately drawn to the rich, retro color palette used by David O'Brien and Kate Sellars-Jones in their pieces at the KSJ Design booth, available on the KSJ website and at Things Are Electric.

Retro Print Revival
Heartbreakingly stylish pieces from Retro Print Revival. I'm flipping through their gallery of sold lamps with consumerist longing.

Big Design Market, Taco Truck
Also, there was a taco truck, which is enough to make me return next year. Big Design Market 2013!